About the Initiative

Unlocking the potential of the new TV data ecosystem.

As TVs have become increasingly connected, investment in data-driven audience-based advertising that can enhance television’s impact and value as a marketing platform has grown steadily, driving demand for high-quality, privacy-safe ad platforms and data sets that can fuel the industry’s future growth and development. The application of data has the potential to drive growth and innovation for the entire industry during the 2020s.

Our goal is to champion an improved data-driven TV ecosystem—one that supports advanced digital-style targeting, campaign measurement and attribution, and is competitive, open and innovative, while protecting consumer privacy. 

See our launch press release – and for more information about the initiative, see this article covering our launch at TV[R]EV and this video at Beet.TV.

The next era of TV must be one driven by industry collaboration and connectivity.

Jason Manningham, CEO, Blockgraph

The founding members will work collaboratively with the wider industry to assess the current state of data in the advanced TV ecosystem, explore the main challenges and opportunities, and identify the priorities for unlocking the full potential of the new data-driven ecosystem in the years ahead.\

During Phase 1 (Spring/Summer 2021), the initiative will develop:

  • A landscape overview of the data-driven TV ecosystem, with clear definitions and frameworks.
  • A review of the opportunities ahead, as advertisers look to data to identify and describe audiences for their campaigns, and the building blocks required to support these activities.
  • An analysis of the challenges and barriers currently facing different categories of industry participants, as they look to leverage data to support their campaigns and goals.
  • An assessment of the potential for new collective arrangements to support data sharing, matching and quality, improving the operation of the data-driven TV ecosystem in the 2020s.

In addition, we will be publishing interviews, articles, papers and reports and holding a wide range of events over the course of the year. You can find details of events on the Events page.