Blockgraph is the only Identity Operating System (IDoS) purpose-built for the convergent TV advertising industry, ensuring the highest levels of control, quality and security for data owners. Blockgraph’s peer-to-peer identity and data confidentiality infrastructure provides a common syntax for companies to confidently and securely interchange household identifiers (IDs) and audiences, enabling participants to retain full control and ownership of their data while adhering to their customer privacy requirements.  Blockgraph’s IDoS empowers brands to quickly and accurately find, reach, and measure audiences across TV screens throughout the connected home. Blockgraph is industry-owned and maintains a rigorous commitment to creating a better, safer, and more efficient advertising and identity ecosystem for all participants. Blockgraph was founded by three of the largest media and video distribution companies in the world: Comcast NBCUniversal, Charter Communications, Inc. and ViacomCBS Inc.  For more information, please visit Blockgraph