Jon Watts

Jon Watts – Project Director
Experienced media consultant

Jon is Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Project X Institute, a new industry think tank and strategic advisory firm launching in 2021. He has nearly 25 years of consulting experience across the media, technology, advertising and entertainment industries, providing insights and strategic advice to major enterprises, investors and policy-makers around the world. He has project directed a range of major industry initiatives during the last decade, including programmes exploring TV audience measurement, metrics and data and the development of the connected TV advertising ecosystem in Europe. Previously, Jon co-founded and led MTM, a UK-based research and strategy consulting firm, leading engagements focused on strategy and growth, media futures, digital transformation, OTT and advanced advertising. He also co-founded venture consulting firm fathom and was a senior manager at Spectrum Strategy Consultants. Jon speaks regularly at industry conferences and events around the world and is actively involved in a wide range of industry organizations, trade bodies and initiatives.