DISH Media’s Kemal Bokhari on the Key Issues the TVDI Is Going to Be Tackling

Kemal Bokhari, GM Data and Analytics at DISH Media’s, talks about the lack of standardization across the ecosystem which and why that’s one of the key issues TVDI is going to be tackling.  [View with transcript on TV[R]EV]

TruOptik’s David Wiesenfeld on the Financial Benefits Of Cooperation Around TV Data

David Wiesenfeld, Chief Strategist at TruOptik, a TransUnion Company, talks about the importance of cooperating to create some form of best practices for the way TV data is used and why greater cooperation is really the best way to attract greater investment from advertisers.  [View with transcript on TV[R]EV]

TVSquared’s Bob Ivins on the Need For New Ways of Doing Things

Bob Ivins, TVSquared’s Chief Strategy Officer, suggests that the industry needs new relationships, business models and distribution strategies to unlock the full potential of the new TV data ecosystem. [View with transcript on TV[R]EV]

Blockgraph’s Chief Revenue Officer Aleck Scheider on the Value of Universal IDs

Blockgraph’s Chief Revenue Officer, Aleck Scheider, on why universal IDs are so important and why we need to try and make them interoperable. [View with transcript on TV[R]EV]